tea photography
tea photography


Hi! Thank you so much for visiting my page! My name is Tori Elizabeth Anderson. T or Tor is cool though! Thank you for cruising by my page, I’m so grateful for every single person who supports my passion ♡

Photography has been a joy of mine from the very first moment I held a camera in my hands. There is something so magical to me about freezing a beautiful moment. That magic captivates me daily and inspired me to create TEA Photography.

I was asked recently what my favourite “part” of being a photographer was. There are a 100 answers I could give (because I flippin love what I do). But truly, the biggest reward for me is connecting with all of you amazing people during a really special moment in time. The milestone occasions that I have the honour to capture for you – be it a wedding, anniversary, baby birth, or a self empowering boudoir shoot for a bodacious babe. I’m so honoured every single time to be invited into these beautiful moments. And to return the memories after I captured them – that’s the cherry on top.

So thanks for being here & inspiring me. You rock.

Let’s make some memories!

♡ T