I’m so excited to be sharing images from a fun project I’ve been working on slowly since my return from Iceland. This entire shoot was a result of perfect timing, spontaneity and a flower crown carefully transported from another continent!

Before leaving for this trip, I had an idea to do a portrait shoot incorporating this gorgeous flower crown made by the super talented Petal to the Metal. So, with our hiking boots and backpacks on, my best friend and I took turns wearing the crown through the airport; carefully carrying it, until finally we rested it on the dashboard of our rental car, which became our home for the 10 days that we travelled around the country. We eventually decided our trusty car should be named “Flower Child” as the flower crown sat perched on top of the dash the entire trip. I’m calling this album “Bloom” because Flower Child translated in Icelandic reads: “Blóm Barn”

So, thank you to our little Blóm Barn who kept us safe while we explored this beautiful country. Thank you to Petal to the Metal for the beautiful crown and thank you Iceland for being nothing short of epic.